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Payment Systems Integration and Research Services

vmResearch provides project management and research services for helping add micropayment systems to unattended, distributed devices such as devices that traditionally have used cash for payment. 

vmResearch also helps add cashless payment systems to new devices where until recently, it was either not economically feasible or too complicated to do.

vmResearch provides the guidance and expertise to help insure that the right combination of a payment provider and hardware are chosen and integrated.

Payment System Integration Services

  • Add micropayment system to unattended devices.
  • Help choose and integrate a payment gateway, payment provider and “merchant of record.”
  • Help insure that the payment systems provide what the end-users want, keeping up with the latest in payment technologies such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, mobile wallets and  loyalty programs.
  • Assist in choosing the best hardware solutions such as encrypted readers, NFC readers and telemetry devices.
  • Help to ensure that the systems are safe and secure, such as being PCI compliant.
  • Help networking the unattended devices to work with the payment system as well as be integrated with interactive screens, beacons, etc.


Research Services

  • Assist in determining market interest.
  • Help in determining ideal locations.
  • Help with the business model/plan.
  • Help analyze usage data such as sales by device.
  • Assist in setting up systems/reporting to track the “health” of the devices, such as out-of-order and alerts.
  • Help provide feedback from device location providers and end users of the devices.
  • Help companies with existing unattended devices to track and evaluate their existing payment system usage, revenue, fees and device health.


Specific Areas in Which Provide Help/Solutions

Adding cashless payments systems to unattended, distributed devices (even “dumb” ones such as water fountains) may appear to be simple, but it can also be a confusing and time-consuming process. 

We will help guide you through the process, either from the beginning or at any stage of the integration.

vmResearch partners with the “best of breed,” working with a number of suppliers, vendors and providers to help solve your issues, get your product to market and support it once it is in the marketplace.

We help select the following types of solutions:

  • The payment gateway/payment processor/merchant of record
  • The method of accounting for fees and services
  • Determining rates/fees
  • Dealing with end-users, refunds, complaints, etc.


We help deal with:

  • PCI compliance
  • APIs
  • SDKs
  • WebServices
  • Encrypted Readers
  • Networking:  Telemetry, Connectivity Issues
  • Credit/Debit Payment and the latest payment methods such as Apple Pay and Samsung Pay
  • Loyalty Cards/Programs
  • Pre-Paid Programs
  • NFC
  • Display Screens/Interactive Screens
  • Collecting, distributing and analyzing both transactional data and device data
  • Getting data in and out of the devices
  • Content/advertising distribution and management


Examples of Unattended, Distributed Devices with Micropayment Solutions

Listed below are some examples of unattended, distributed devices enabled with micropayment solutions:

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Heart Rate Monitors
  • Jukeboxes
  • Massage Chairs
  • Photo Booths
  • Arcade Games
  • Hurricane Simulators
  • Bill Changers
  • Bar Top Games
  • Air and Vacuum Services
  • Breath Analyzers
  • Water Stations
  • Golf Ball Dispensers
  • Stroller Rentals
  • Shredders
  • Oxygen Vending Machines
  • Dog Washing Stations
  • Ice Machines
  • Phone Charging Stations
  • Lockers
  • Vending Machines
  • Kiosks



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